A small place on a hill 6 km distant from the town of Krk, 3 km from Punat and 500 m from the sea coast and beach, with a beautiful sight on a Punat bay, marina and small island of Košljun.

The first traces of Kornia go back to the year 1503, and its name derives from latin cornu, which means horn, small head, army wing or area.

Kornić has an interesting littoral rural architecture, a parish church of St. Jacob from XIX century and a small church of St. Donatus that was built in XIII century where once old church was.

Kornić is a typical small Mediterranean place with stone houses, clean surroundings, forest paths and morning silence disturbed only by bird singing.

There are no hotels in Kornić, still it offers a pleasant and nice accommodation in private apartments and rooms.

Welcome to Kornic!